According to the report conducted by the Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne (Family Businesses Foundation), an entrepreneur in a family-run company is one of the top ten trusted professionals in Poland. We tend to trust family businesses more: we associate them with high quality and tradition. These businesses in particular, more than large companies and corporations, are more likely to guarantee stability in employment and sustainable development.


Two families and two generations stand at the forefront of LOGO, the workwear and protective clothing manufacturer. We value tradition, stability, and development. Learn more about why we are proud of being a family-run business and how we stay active in our community.


“Firmy Rodzinne” Foundation


Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne (FFR) gathers the most popular Polish family businesses, such as: Grycan, Ochnik, ADAMED Pharma S.A., ENEL-MED S.A., YES, Ceramika Paradyż, Blachy Prószyński, and Mokate S.A. The foundation supports and promotes the activities and community of family-run businesses to look after their shared goals. FFR also conducts market research, offers mentoring, and organizes meetings within the community.

The Family Business Tree brand


To make it easy for consumers to find services and products coming from family businesses, FFR created a symbolic trademark. There are already over 800 companies in Poland which are now marked with the signature tree.

The companies branded with the Family Business Tree:

  • have high quality services and/or products,
  • are financially strong,
  • care deeply for their teams,
  • imagine a multigenerational future.

Our activities


Our representatives take part in diverse initiatives organized by the FFR: workshops, congresses, and economic forums. In October 2019, we took part in an International Congress of Generations where we shared our experiences with the biggest family businesses in Poland.


Family businesses – the foundation of the global economy


Family enterprises are small and medium companies, but also global giants such as the American Walmart, the German Volkswagen or the Korean Samsung Electronics. Family businesses produce the majority of the world’s GDP (70-90%, according to different estimates).


Family businesses in the Polish economy


Every fifth public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange is a family business. Often, it is doing much better from its non-family competition. According to the FFR’s estimates, there are over a million family businesses in Poland, making it ca 78% of all companies. Together, we produce around 67% of our country’s GDP.


Why do we succeed?


Family members in management feel obligated toward the generations who built the business and generations who are building it. Such responsibility equips them with determination and proves advantageous in times of a crisis, when the company remains just a little more stable than its non-family competition.

Family businesses stand out also because of their loyalty to the founding family, and consequently – their employees. Much of the decisions in such organizations are made under mutual trust which translates into good atmosphere and morale for the company as a whole.

Above all, a family company is set to create a multigenerational business, which despite of the many changes over the years, remains true to the original values shared by its founders.