In the autumn-winter season, the protection against low temperatures and other external factors is essential. For this purpose, you might want to invest in thermal protection workwear.
LOGO’s offer includes thermal trousers, winter work jackets, fleece jackets, and fleece vests.

Thermal workwear will prove useful in jobs in warehouses, construction, heavy industry, gardening, and farming. Made from durable fabrics, it will serve you a long time.

Winter work jackets

Our winter work jackets are available in three models: Tracker +, Norma, and Optima.

  • The NORMA winter jacket is short and comfortable. It has thick lining and warm, detachable hood. It can be used in most jobs, including warehouses, assembly, and construction. It also features a high, lined, standing collar, two side pockets, and one inside pocket with a zip.
  • The OPTIMA winter jacket is long and comfortable. It features a warm, detachable good, a high, lined standing collar, and two upper patch pockets with a zip. The jacket is gathered in at the waistband and at the bottom.
  • The TRACKER + winter jacket is short and comfortable. It features a warm, detachable hood, a high, lined standing collar, four outside pockets, including one for a mobile phone.

Thermal vests

Our thermal vests are available in two models: Partner and Tracker Hi-Vis. Every model will prove perfect for auto technicians and workers in warehouses and workshops.

  • The PARTNER thermal vest is the bestselling model among our customers. It often complements a two-piece set of clothing. It features one inside pocket and two side pockets with a zip.
  • The TRACKER thermal vest has many pockets – one is specifically designed for a mobile phone. This guarantees practicality. It is especially recommended for drivers, roadside assistance, technicians, and construction workers.

Fleece jackets

Our fleece jackets are highly popular in our assortment of thermal workwear. They are available in two models: Eskimo and Everest.

  • The ESKIMO fleece jacket will prove useful in any job during the autumn-winter season. It features a zip, two side zipped pockets and one inside pocket. There is an option to match two basic colours and contrasting piping.
  • The EVEREST fleece jacket is of excellent quality and durability. Similarly to the ESKIMO, it features an anti-pilling finish. The bottom is gathered in with cord stoppers.

Thermal trousers

Our thermal trousers are the essential element of thermal workwear. They are available in the IGLO 1 model:

  • The IGLO 1 thermal trousers are a classic design. They feature two main side pockets, one open pocket at the back, and an opening for buttons on the left hip.
    As a thermal workwear manufacturer, we use materials which maintain the right thermoregulation, allowing the body to remain warm and keeping it from overheating at the same time. The clothing is available in a wide range of sizes.

As a workwear manufacturer, we can change the colour, material, or elements of the garment (add pockets, for example). If you’re looking for thermal workwear tailor-made to your company, please contact our sales department.