Work aprons

Our work aprons are available in two models: Consultant and Assistant.
They are most often used in jobs in production and maintenance. The main advantage of wearing work aprons is the there is no need to change into any other clothing. The work aprons available in our PPE clothing store are produced from high-quality textiles providing effective protection against dirt.
The aprons are made from polyester with a dose of cotton, or from 100% cotton. Wherever protection from any outside factors is needed, the PPE clothing is regarded as the most suitable – thanks to its comfort and practicality.
We also recommend a ready, complete work set available in two configurations: jacket with dungarees or jacket with trousers. The PPE sets are available in five models: Standard, Service, Expert, Advance, and Premium. Our PPE store offers functional work sets in wide range of colours with an option to modify any model.
As a workwear manufacturer, we can change the colour, material, or elements of the garment. Next to every article of workwear featured on our website, you’ll find our recommendations as to which job the garment will suit best.