Protective clothing aims at worker’s protection against possible injury and external factors which are dangerous and/or detrimental to his health.

Protective workwear is especially necessary in jobs in which there is a contact with chemicals, machines, or high temperatures. It includes not only clothing, but also the right accessories, such as helmets, gloves, goggles, masks, and the right footwear.

Protective workwear is used in petrochemical and welding industries. It should be made from durable and easy to clean materials. A great advantage of protective clothing is in its functionality, such as additional pockets.

Before Poland joined the EU, workwear had not been a subject to mandatory certification. After the first of May 2004, clothing for employees whose job puts their clothing at risk of damage or pollution, must abide by the 89/686/EEC directive and is considered personal protective equipment.

In terms of its properties, protective workwear can be divided into: flame-resistant, frost-resistant, waterproof, acid-resistant, oil-resistant, and antistatic workwear.

Antistatic workwear

Antistatic clothing is dedicated for workers which are exposed to electrostatic activity in their workplace. Antistatic clothing guarantees that when the body is in contact with a conductive material, the electric charge is drained. Among the antistatic workwear, the following models are available:

  • Elstat L10 (jacket + Bib & Brace)
  • Elstat L12 (jacket + trousers)
  • Elstat L210 (jacket + Bib & Brace)
  • Elstat L212 (jacket + trousers)
  • Elstat L30 (a padded antistatic jacket)

Flame retardant antistatic workwear

Flame retardant clothing is usually thicker and more durable. It is made from cotton or with an addition of an antistatic fibre. Flame retardant workwear will prove useful in jobs at risk of contact with spatters of iron, flames, heat radiation, or convective heat.
Among the flame retardant antistatic workwear the following models are available:

  • Safestat L70 (jacket + Bib & Brace)
  • Safestat L71 (jacket + trousers)

Welding workwear

Welding workwear should have special properties protecting against flame, high temperature, sparks, or spatters of molten metal. Welding apparel should be easy to wear and at the same time, provide comfort at work. Among the welding workwear, the following models are available:

  • Welder L70 (jacket + Bib & Brace)
  • Welder L71 (jacket + trousers)

As a workwear manufacturer, we can change colour, material, or elements of the garment (add pockets, for example). If you’re looking for workwear tailor-made to your company, please contact our sales department.